Please, let us know

  • si alguien tiene cyborg funcionando podria indicarme que version y si tengo alguna forma de contactar con ellos me urge bastente. gracias

  • critters

    I've resolve most of the problem you guys may encounter. I don't know how to publish the corrected version here. It seems like the project admins like "lost interest" in this project. If you guys wanna try my corrected version of CybOrg... just e-mail me at

    My version works on windows (for sure) and linux (haven tested yet but i'm sure it will work).

    This project have great potential. I think i will write the php version of the application with mysql as the database.

    That's all for now.

  • disculpen necesito ayuda con la creacion de la base de datos para cyborg, al intentar crearla me aparece el siguente mensaje:

    postgres@administrador:/home/ciber/Desktop/template/Template-Toolkit-2.14$ createdb -U cyborg cyborg
    createdb: no se pudo conectar a la base de datos template1:
    FATAL:  la autentificacin IDENT fall para el usuario "cyborg"

    muchas gracias por anticipado.

  • i am sorry i cannot understand what ever it is you saying... please talk to me in english...


  • if power in the cafe goes out, are the data
    (time in) recorded still be on each workstation when the power goes back?

    • critters

      Teorically yes! It should... but then... i have never test it out... sorry

  • Hola estoy intentando instalar el Cyborg para un telecentro comunitario en Mozonte (Nicaragua)
    De momento he instalado el server. Me aparece la pantalla de conexión relleno el usuario admin y el password secret y todo parece ir bien SALVO que la siguiente pantalla apunta a pero en la pantalla no aparece nada.

    He visto que en la lista aparecen referencias a tutoriales y páginas man, pero no consigo encontrarlas ¿Alguien sabe donde están?

    Juan Zubillaga

  • Bueno ya tengo casi funcionando el Cyborg, pero no puedo pasa de la pagina de inicio pongo nombre de usuario y contraseña como indica en el manual de instalación  y nada, siempre me aparece la misma pagina, no se que este pasando, por que aparte no muestra nada en el log del servidor de apache, si alguien me pudiera orientar en que que puede estar el problema si es que ya les sucedio algo parecido, pues bienvenidas todas las ideas al respecto.


  • I think this is a great piece of software. I did initially have a problem installing it, but perseveramce paid of. Javiers, may I ask why you are no longer developing it. I can offer to write the step by step installation procedure for this so that the success rate for the installation is high.

    Can you ad the prepaid time functionality. This software can do a lot for linux, but like so many linux projects, the developers lose interest. Please rekindle your interest in this as I like this software a lot.

    I have compared it against

    So far, this has come tops in terms of layout and presentation. Openkiosk is quite close though, if not head to head with Cyborg. But Cyborg has not been developed for overfour years.



  • Where can i get a copy of the software to use it on linux.Email me on

  • Hello to all Linux Community, I've tried to install CybOrg but I cannot pass from the "Login Screen", I'm working with UBUNTU 8.04 Hardy Heron. I've installed all packages, but always it is the same Login Screen. Can anybody help me with the procedure to install it correctly ?

    Thank you for your time and interest

    email :

  • Hello, i finally got cyborg server and the zbdesk working on amd64 machines. Unfortunally the zbdesk binary runs without any errors, i cannot control any client from cyborg, it just do not block the machines. What can i do to find the problem? Thanks for any help.


  • Ok i got more info, when i change the state of the client on cyborg i see this on the client:

    Entity: line 1: parser error : expected '>'

    And it does nothing!

    Any help apreciated.