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Computer Vision in C-Sharp / News: Recent posts

CVSharp Lab 1.1

We now have the 1.1 version, which has a new and interesting feature involving Webcam Image and Video acquiring for a quick image database creation. Take a look!

Posted by stephenkall 2008-11-16

English Version Available!

Now the English Version of CVSharp is available in the download section.

Soon, CVS will also be changed prior to the English version.

Posted by stephenkall 2007-08-22

Update: Website

Now CVSharp website has an English version!
Still, some sections are in portuguese - like Tutorials.
But they'll soon be available in English!

Posted by stephenkall 2007-08-22


Finally, CVSharp Lab Project first release is available to Download.

Today many changes were made to this project here in SourceForge and in its main website:

- CVSharp Lab Binary files are available to download!
- CVSharp Lab Source code is available to download!
- CVSharp Lab Win32 Install Package is available to download!
- CVS System is now working!
- A new updates mailing list was created!
- Tracker is fully operational!
- A new developer was added to this project here in SF.net (although he was working in the project since its beginning).
- The Project Web Site is now available!
- There is now a Discussion Board available in the project's main website!... read more

Posted by stephenkall 2007-08-19