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Read Me

1. Prerequisites

You'll need to have these libraries to build Cruel Hessian:

 cmake >= 2.6.0              (
 freeglut					 (

 and of course Soldat (>= 1.4.1) from to run Cruel Hessian.

2. Installation

Check INSTALL.txt file

3. Running

You can simply run 'cruelhessian' from the console after install, then 
you'll be able to see some info when something goes wrong :);

The most important files (maps files, animation descriptions, 
in-game sounds, etc.) are loaded from existing installation of Soldat. 
So, on the first running, you'll have to select the Soldat directory 
on the 'Options' tab and the type of interface.

If you want to hear a music during the game, just put a mp3 or ogg file 
into Mp3 folder in Soldat directory and select this song on the 'Music' tab.
Note that name of song can't have white spaces.

4. Uninstall

If you want, for some reason, to remove Cruel Hessian, just log as root
and type make uninstall in source directory.