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Read Me

Welcome to the 'conference' Plone product repository.

The 'conference' product for Plone is designed for organizing and management of
web presentations of conferences or electronic journals. It has the tools for
conferee registration, for article insertion, for conference activities
creation (e.g. section proceedings, accommodation, boarding,...), for
activities viewing in the conference calendar and for their reservation during
the conference registration process. The 'conference' product has special
workflows for article reviewing and article publishing inside conference
activities. The product is widely configurable, with support for multilanguage
versions. There is detailed help for the individual conference objects.

The author of the software is Josef Milota. At the moment, his latest version
is available in the branches/jcu.

David Mudrak has joined the project since September 2006. He uses the product
as a system for the web of iTET2007 conference (see and conference (

We are keeping the trunk as stable and general as possible. Customizations are made 
on branches.

In case of any questions please contact