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comingNext 2013-03-10 Michael Prager Michael Prager [e4c711] more debug output for findDstSwitchDates() and ...
logo 2010-10-10 Michael Prager Michael Prager [ee5875] added new application icon for ComingNext
.gitignore 2010-03-16 Michael Prager Michael Prager [5e29f6] ignore 3rd panel dir in git
ComingNext_SkinFetcher_v1.6.sisx 2012-09-12 Michael Prager Michael Prager [a31510] update SkinFetcher to v1.6 (new certificate)
License.txt 2009-09-05 Michael Prager Michael Prager [aea974] initial commit. Version 1.19
Readme.txt 2012-10-28 Michael Prager Michael Prager [a83a63] updated 1.37 release date
build.pl 2012-09-12 Michael Prager Michael Prager [a31510] update SkinFetcher to v1.6 (new certificate)
debug.js 2012-10-06 Michael Prager Michael Prager [b2392e] added widget.wrt object data to debug.js

Read Me

 ComingNext for Symbian Phones
This widget was originally created by Dr. Cochambre and is now developed and 
maintained by Michael Prager <X_X_L@gmx.net>. It displays the next 12 upcoming 
events on your S60 5th Edition phone's home screen. It consists of tree 
separate widgets, displaying 4 events each.

For more info or to report bugs, please refer to 

You can change the appearance (background color, font color, font size etc.) 
and settings from within the widget now. To make the widget background 
transparent, follow these steps:

  1. install "ComingNext Skin Fetcher" on your phone
  2. start it on your phone and click on "Generate". It will ask you for the
     positions of the ComingNext widgets on the homescreen.
  3. In the ComingNext widget, enable the "use background image" option and set
     "background image location" to "external"

Supported Devices:
This widget should be compatible with any Symbian S60 5th and 
Symbian^3 Edition phone. The homescreen mini view however will only be 
available on devices which support homescreen widgets.

ComingNext has been tested on the following devices:
Nokia N97, N97 mini, C6-00, C6-01, C7-00, C7 Astound, E6-00, E7-00, N8-00, 
X7-00, T7-00, 500, 603, 700, 701

The fullscreen version of this widget also works on the following devices:
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic, 5230, 5250, 5228, 5230 Nuron, 
5235 Ovi Music Unlimited, X6-00

Known limitations:
- ToDos might show up although they have been marked "done". This is a bug in 
  Nokia's WRT library: entry.Status sometimes is undefined.
- real transparent background: I haven't found a way todo this yet. All the 
  widgets that have transparent background are no WRT widgets. Nokia?
- There is no automatic detection if you're in a timezone that uses daylight
  saving time (DST). By default, the widget assumes that you're in a timezone
  that has a 1h DST. If this is not the case, please change the 
  "enable Daylight Saving" setting within the widget.
- Some users may get an error like "Error: Loading Calendar Service". This is
  due to a corrupted Symbian configuration file in C:\Private\2000f847. You 
  will have to reset your phone to get rid of the error. Do not restore files
  from a backup, or you will restore the broken config too. An alternative is 
  to replace the corrupted config file manually, but you will need to hack 
  your phone in order to have access to it. You can find the non-corrupted 
  version of that config here:
  More info on this in the bug tracker:
- "all day" events with location information won't be displayed with location 
  information. This is yet another bug in Nokia's firmware, please wait for a 

How to obtain log file for solving issues:
In order to analyse problems or bugs, it can help to obtain the detailed widget 
log file. You can generate a log by following these steps:

1. Within the widget, go to Settings and check "Enable Logging"
2. Open your browser and go to Web > Settings > General
3. Set "JavaScript Error Notification" to "Create Log file"
4. Remove the widget from your homescreen and add it again

The log file will be generated here: C:\Data\jslog_widget.log. When you report
a problem, send along this file so that the developers can analyse the issue.

This software is open source and licensed under the GPLv3. See License.txt 
for details.

1.0 (2009-08-25) by cochambre
  - initial release by cochambre
1.01 (2009-08-25) by cochambre
  - fix some language localizations
1.02 (2009-08-27) by cochambre
  - jquery library removed (ram footprint reduction, about 1 mb now)
  - displaying ToDos from current day
  - calendar is loaded up to 2 months ahead of current day (ram footprint 
  - calendar app launches and closes much faster
  - more explicit error messages (post them here if you get one)
1.10 (2009-08-27) by Michael Prager
  - Only 4 lines per widget, also use the bigger default font and a bigger 
    font size
  - added icons to easier distinguish between todos, meetings, birthdays etc
  - removed the big icon and the today's date info as this info is already 
    present on the homescreen
  - format months as numbers instead of text to give more room for the actual
    event text
  - display location if set in meetings
  - only update once per hour. But at the same time, react instantly on any 
    calendar changes made by the user. This is done using a callback. Should 
    save a lot of battery
  - display all todos from within the last year, if they are not marked as 
    "done". The original version will only display todos that have a 
    termination time in the future.
1.11 (2009-08-27) by Michael Prager
  - added fix suggested by yves: use InstanceStartTime instead of StartTime 
    if available
  - use a <table> to align columns instead of loose <div> boxes
  - output line number in case of an error. This should help debugging 
  internals for developers:
    - added changelog to keep track of changes more easily
    - added switch (var panelNum) so the same code can be used for both, 
      "ComingNext" and "ComingNextB" widgets
1.12 (2009-08-28) by Michael Prager
  - support for all date formats (YYYY-MM-DD, DD-MM-YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY)
  - format dates and times as 01.01 instead of 1.1
  - output more details to error log if JavaScript logging is enabled in web 
  - added variable to enable/disable ToDos in the event list
  - added variable to define the number months to include in the event list
1.13 (2009-08-28) by Michael Prager
  - support for ToDos without dates
  - support for events without summary
  - fixed date format parsing for MM-DD-YYYY (finally ;-))
  - fixed months beeing off by 1
1.14 (2009-08-28) by Michael Prager
  - support for fake transparent backgrounds.
1.15 (2009-08-30) by Michael Prager
  - added separate Readme.txt
  - use the date format defined by the system (e.g. "31.12" or "12.31")
  - show a colored "Today" for the current day instead of full date
  - added options for showTodayAsText, todayText, dateSeparator and
    weekDayLength. These options can be found at the begin of index.html
  - added CSS classes for weekday, date, time and description so you can 
    customize everything very easily. Moved these CSS definitions to the
    begin of index.html so they are easy to spot.
  - fixed table alignment for very long event descriptions
  - comingNext is now licensed under the GPLv3
1.16 (2009-08-31) by Michael Prager 
  - applied patch by pcmoore: Fixed a bug where all times are reported as 
    "AM" regardless of the actual event time
  - applied patch by pcmoore: new option to define which calendar app to 
    start when clicking the widget (calendarApp). By default this is the 
    buildin calendar, but you can run Epocware Handy Calendar or any other 
  - 5 new options: showNowAsText, nowText, dateFormat, updateDataInterval
    and calendarApp
  - events that last for multiple days will now properly show "Today"
  - if an event is currently taking place, display "Now" instead of the
    event staring time. This behaviour can be disabled with the 
    showNowAsText option. You can change the color of the "Now" text by
    changing the .now CSS class
  - users can now configure the update interval. The default setting is now
    5 minutes. This should not use too much battery, but at the same time
    keep the "Now" text up-to-date
  - added option to force a specific date format. dateFormat='auto' 
    (default) will use your phone's setting, 'DDMM' will display day first, 
    'MMDD' will display month first.
1.17 (2009-09-02) by Michael Prager
  - fixed anniversaries for today not showing
  - new option "eventsPerWidget": with this you can define the number of 
    events that will be shown for each widget.
  - added new CSS class "icon": change this to modify the icon size (very
    useful if you want to change the number of events)
1.18 (2009-09-04) by Michael Prager
  - fixed ToDos being shown although includeTodos=false was set
  - fixed ToDos being shown twice
  - show text "No further events within 2 months" if there are no events
    in the list. This behaviour and the text can be changed in the settings
1.19 (2009-09-04) by Michael Prager
  - refixed problems that 1.18 should have solved (todos not showing, entries 
    showing twice)
1.20 (2009-09-05) by Michael Prager
  - new project website at http://sourceforge.net/projects/comingnext
  - fixed memos/anniversaries showing although they have already passed
  - don't display weekday if date is 'Today'
  - changed default 'Now' color to #ff00ff to make it different from the 
    'Today' color
  - patch by pcmoore:
    - Fix problem with appointments starting at 12p where they
      would display as starting 12h later (midnight the following day)
    - Add a new feature to only display the time for events happening today 
      and only the date for events beyond today (showCombinedDateTime)
    - Add a new feature to disable showing the location of appointments 
1.21 (2009-10-13) by Michael Prager
  - support daylight saving time (DST). This is based on the modifications 
    from Manfred Hanselmann (thanks for that!)
  - added option "enableDaylightSaving" to disable DST. In case you are in a 
    timezone that has no DST, you should use this option
  - some code cleanup (by Paul Moore)
  - fixed alignment when calendar entries have very long description
1.22 (2009-12-07) by Michael Prager
  - show "Tomorrow" instead of date if "showTodayAsText" is enabled
1.23 (2009-12-18) by Michael Prager
  - added fullscreen mode (can list 30 events)
  - added settings menu. Need to modify the widget manually anymore. 
  - fixed table cell alignment in cases where the event summary was very long
  - fixed display of "tomorrow" text if CombinedDateTime is enabled
1.24 (2010-01-01) by Michael Prager
  - localization support added by Christophe Milsent
  - added french translation by Christophe Milsent
  - added german translation
  - new option "hide Widget On Calendar Open". When enabled, this will close 
    the fullscreen widget when opening the calendar app
  - code cleanup and size reduction
  - update interval to detect screen rotation increased from 3 to 1 secs
  - open calendar app when clicking anywhere in fullscreen view
1.25 (2010-02-21) by Michael Prager
  - fixed reoccurring events not beeing shown
  - added "check for updates" feature
  - added "ComingNext Skin Fetcher v1.1" tool
  - support for external background images (useful in combination with the
    new skin fetcher tool). With this, you won't need to modify the widget
    anymore to use a custom background image
  - added portuguese-brazilian translation by Flavio Nathan
1.26 (2010-03-18) by Michael Prager
  - fixed second panel showing the same events as the first panel
  - mark overdue ToDo events (this feature can be disabled in the settings)
  - support for 3 panels
  - automatically change text size to fit the requested number of events. You
    can now easily change the number of events per widget for example to 3, 5 
	or 6 by	simply changing the 'Events Per Widget' setting.
  - includes Skin Fetcher 1.2 which now also supports 3 panels
1.27 (2010-03-21) by Michael Prager
  - fixed ToDo events without due date to cause error
1.28 (2010-10-11) by Michael Prager
  - compatible with N8 and any other device with multi-calendar support
  - added persistent settings. Settings will no longer be lost when updating 
    the widget. Also, all widgets now use the same settings, you no longer have
    to modify the settings in each widget individually.
  - added russian translation (thanks to tokeda)
  - updated portuguese-brazilian (thanks to Flavio Nathan)
  - new app icon
  - updated "ComingNext Skin Fetcher" tool to version v1.3 (supports all 6 
    panel positions)
1.29 (2010-10-13) by Michael Prager
  - fixed events showing as "undefined" on Symbian^3
  - startup performance improvements
  - stylish default background image
  - first release available on Ovi Store
1.30 (2010-11-28) by Michael Prager
  - fixed an issue with daylight saving time not being used properly resulting
    in events around time shifts to be off by one day or hour
  - added option to change daylight saving offset (for time zones which have
    more than a +1h time shift)
  - fixed changes to calendars not being shown if affected calendar is not
    default calendar
  - added color indicator to show to which calendar an event belongs to (can be
    disabled in settings)
  - added option to exclude specific calendars from the list
1.31 (2011-03-26) by Michael Prager
  - added spanish translation (thanks to dragomerlin)
  - added italian translation (thanks to Marcella Ferrari and Venos)
  - fixed "About" link opening inside browser instead of widget
  - fixed sorting of events without date
  - fixed calendar indicators not showing in some cases
  - fixed homescreen widget not updating properly on N8
  - added help menu
1.32 (2011-05-14) by Michael Prager
  - improved performance and battery life (reloading and sorting calendar 
    data has been reduced)
  - fixed settings being lost when updating to a newer version
  - added support for Location field for "all day" events. You'll have to wait 
    until Nokia fixes their firmware before this change will be visible though :-P
  - fixed and improved spanish translation
  - added "enableLogging" option which needs to be turned on if you want to 
    generate debug logs
1.33 (2011-08-28) by Michael Prager
  - added support for X7-00, E6-00, T7-00, 500 and other "Anna" devices
  - added weekday fix for Symbian^3 devices which got an "Anna" firmware update
  - fixed DayEvent showing up as Meeting on Symbian^3 devices which got an "Anna" 
    firmware update
  - improved error handling: don't break widget when a system backup is made
  - updated included "Skin Fetcher" tool to version 1.5 (which now properly 
    supports N8-00, E7-00, C6-00, C6-01, C7-00, C7 Astound, X7-00, T7-00 and 500)
1.34 (2011-11-18) by Michael Prager
  - fixed 12h time format not being used anymore on Anna devices
  - fixed weekday display (for real this time) on Symbian Anna and Belle devices
  - improved font scaling (resolves text overflow on Symbian Belle devices which 
    use a different system font)
1.35 (2012-01-27) by Michael Prager
  - fixed 24/12h time format detection
  - fixed weekday not showing on some devices
1.36 (2012-01-31) by Michael Prager
  - fixed 24/12h time format detection problem introduced in v1.35
1.37 (2012-10-28) by Michael Prager
  - added Catalan translation (thanks to Francisco Rodero)
  - added Polish translation (thanks to zbigzbig20)
  - added Finnish translation (thanks to Streamkeskus)
  - added Czech translation (thanks to renek)
  - added Latin American Spansish translation (this uses the same translations as
    the European Spanish translation)
  - fixed date and time offset problems on Symbian Belle Refresh
  - autodetect daylight saving time on Symbian Belle and Belle Refresh (the manual 
    DST options in settings are no longer needed and will be ignored on those firmwares)
  - fixed display problems on E6 (bug no. 3509394)
  - fixed help button on settings page require double tap (bug no. 3302891)
  - added "show icons" option to enable users to hide icons if desired (bug no. 3521427)
  - added "font size" option to easily customize text size
  - added option to anonymize debug logfiles
  - added option to specify the max number of events shown in fullscreen mode
  - updated SkinFetcher to v1.6 (updated certificate)