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Read Me


'clean' is a commandline tool that deletes temporary files.
You can use, on a unix-like system, 'find' and 'rm' instead.
clean is platform-independent, althogh it requires tcl to be installed.
It is simple and should be ease to use.


This program is licensed under the GNU GPL. There is NO WARRANTY OF
ANY KIND. Please read the LICENSE file for details. In one sentence,
this means: You may use this program without restrictions, but if you
decide to distribute the program (clean) itself, you will also have to
use the GNU GPL, and you will have to release the source code.


You will have to install a Tcl-Shell.
You should also add the directory of the executable (tclsh or tclsh.exe or
whatever) to your PATH environment variable.


To install clean, simply type:
make install
This does only change a file permission, you can also use clean without
installing it.


To invoke clean, you need a Tcl-Shell.

To start just type:

To get help about parameters, type:
./clean.tcl --help


If you found a bug in clean or if you want a new
feature to be added, please contact us via sourceforge: