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Read Me

Application allowing automatic generation of php classes for database tables 
and views.


* Getting help
php main.php --help

* Getting help for a specific module (such as MySQL5)
php main.php MySQL5 --help

* Previewing generated code for the mysql.user and mysql.ssessions tables
php main.php MySQL5 -u root -p -D mysql -f phps -o user sessions

* Generating code for all the tables in the mysql database
php main.php MySQL5 -u root -p -D mysql -f php -t ./output-folder -m 

Note: For windows user: this script uses ANSI codes for coloring the console 
output. If you whish to display the colors on windows you need to pipe this 
command to a post process utility (google is your friend to find one) or use 

Note: For linux users: instead of using "php main.php" you can also make the
file db2class executable with:
  chmod u+x db2class
After this you can launch the script with:
  ./db2class MySQL5 --help