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Tree [r910] /

File Date Author Commit
asn.1 2010-09-30 binghe [r829] Fixed loading in CMUCL
contrib 2009-01-22 jshuang [r709] test done
ipmi 2008-09-10 binghe [r492] [ipmi] CLOS fixes.
ldap 2008-07-21 binghe [r386] [LDAP] set start point.
lispworks-udp 2012-04-25 binghe [r904] (Lisp Support Call #38920) comm+:open-udp-strea...
snmp 2013-11-07 binghe [r910] Created tag 6.0.3.
usocket-udp 2010-09-24 binghe [r824] Created tag 2.6.
README 2009-02-28 binghe [r758] [onlisp-cn] remove from cl-net-snmp

Read Me

Chun Tian (binghe) 's CL-NET-SNMP Subversion Repository

We have following sub-projects:

 * snmp (stable): Pure-Lisp Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

 * ipmi (alpha): Pure-Lisp Inteligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)

 * ldap (planning): Pure-Lisp Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

 * lispworks-udp (stable): UDP networking for LispWorks, both server and client are supported

 * usocket-udp (stable): UDP patch of usocket project

 * asn.1 (stable): ASN.1 to Common Lisp language mapping, and a ASN.1 compiler

 * onlisp-cn (removed)