Extreme Theme

This theme was based on bleekk's framework but was from pulse ( http://www.aphexthemes.com/pulse-theme.html ) by aph3x (Erol) it is responsive and been highly modified for the community.

It includes a cycling background as well as gradients and plenty of CSS3 like for the title which include shadows and stroking. The main body is a gradient which if you want to change you will have to look up "Ultimate Gradient Generator" on google.com and change the CSS in /theme/extreme/css/style.css with the class tag to change which is .mainbody {}.

Cycling Background

This is designed to run on Apache with a .htaccess being included in /theme/extreme/images/backgrounds/ which is for the php file background.php which will search all sub-folders in /theme/extreme/images/backgrounds/ for suitable images and output them at scalar to 800x600 for the wall paper which is jQuery cycling and randomly changing method which is some additional code in the Java-script by wishcraft to have random background shifts.

Downloading & Unpacking

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabs/files/XOOPS%202.5/Themes/xoops2.5_theme_extreme.zip/download - 5.3 MB

When you download the zip and unpack it, you will be presented with a folder called 'extreme' this simply drops into the /themes/ path of your XOOPS installation, remember too remove the sample backgrounds /theme/extreme/images/backgrounds/samples/ and replace the 'samples' sub-folder with as many sub-folder however deep with backgrounds and wall papers you want in the background of the module!

  • This is the screenshot snapshot of the theme!