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Checky Web Site update

- XHTML 1.0 and CCS 2.0
- RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom 0.3 feeds
- WAI Trible AAA compliance
- PDF, Open Office, Word and ZIP versions
- RDF, FOAF, GeoURL, geotags, Dublin Core, vCard metadata
- HTML Link elements
- Web Site version for mobilde devices
- P3P enabled
- Creative Commons License
- New Web Site Help
- Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Site navigation
- Black and White contrast Stylesheets
- Aural Stylesheets
- Print Stylesheet... read more

Posted by yo 2004-12-30

Checky 2.5 for Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape

Changes between Release 2.5 and 2.4:
- Support for Firefox 1.0 and Mozilla 1.8a5.
- Bug fix for O'Reilly XML RUWF? The XML Syntax Checker Service.
- Close Bug 1068465. Set Bug 1035411 and 993433 to pending.

Posted by yo 2004-12-24

Checky 2.4 for Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape

Changes between Release 2.4 and 2.3:
- Bug fix for file upload validations on Firefox and Mac OS X. Thanks to C.P. Lim! (see development mailing-list message at\).
Perhaps this solves BUG 993433 ( too?

Posted by yo 2004-10-14

Checky 2.3 for Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape

Changes between Release 2.3 and 2.2:
- Support for Firefox 1.0 Preview Release
- Updates now automatically managed through
- Update for Northern Webs Keyword Density Analyzer (new URL)
- Minor user interface bug fix

Posted by yo 2004-10-09

Checky 2.2 for Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape

Changes between Release 2.2 and 2.1:
- Support for Firefox 0.9.2 Extension Manager
- Single distribution for all Mozilla, Netscape and Firefox versions
- Update for W3C Markup validation service (fallback for document type and encoding)
- User interface cleanup and support for english only (no german version)!

- Validate and analyse HTML, XHTML, CSS, RDF, RSS, XML, WAI, Section 508, P3P, hyperlinks, metadata and many more
- Validate resources from your local hard drive or intranet locations (e.g. http://localhost/index.html\)
- Validate dynamic PHP, Perl, CGI, Java, ASP, ColdFusion, C# resources (e.g. *.jsp, *.php, *.cgi, *.do, *.pl) during development
- Easy configuration through preference panels
- Combine services with Checky Agent and start all together with Ctrl + Shift + A
- View results in new Window or Tab
- Tools and context Menu
- Keyboard Shortcuts... read more

Posted by yo 2004-07-10

Checky 2.1 - Extension for Mozilla and Firefox

Changes between Release 2.1 and 2.0:

* Firefox and Mozilla distributions
* Services removed no longer available
* Agent keyboard shortcut changed from Shift + F12 to Ctrl + Shift + A
* Bug fixes: 3848, 3960, 4396, 5599, 5688, 6020, 6117, 748175

Posted by yo 2004-04-25

Checky 2.0 - Validate dynamic intranet pages.

- Complete rewrite
- Many new Services
- Validate dynamic intranet pages with Checky-Upload
- Improved Context Menu

Posted by yo 2003-05-29

Checky 1.5 German Version Bug fix

If you have downloaded Checky 1.5 before 30 April 2003 and you use a German Version please download again to solve the problem.

Posted by yo 2003-04-30

New Checky Version 1.5

Validate and analyse local files with Checky-Upload and...
* W3C Markup Validation Service
* W3C CSS Validation Service
* W3C P3P Validator (Policy File validation)
* Web Design Group HTML Validator
* Web Design Group CSS Check
* Wave 3.0 Web Accessibility Tool

New Services:
* Web Site Optimization - Web Page Analyzer
* Cynthia Says Portal - Web content accessibility validation solution
* Vischeck color blind Simulator

Posted by yo 2003-04-28

New Checky Plug-in 1.0

- New installation routine. With Mozilla 1.4a you can now choose between User Profile Chrome (e.g. for Linux Users who don't have write privileges in Mozilla's Chrome directory) or Mozilla's Chrome directory as Plug-in installation directory.
- Change Keyboard Shortcut for Checky-Agent from F10 to F12 to fix Bug 717785.
- New WAVE 3.0 Accessibility Tool (Feature Request 720899 inludes Patch 724282).
- New Colorblind Web Page Filter (Feature Request 724253).
- Bug with unescaped URI's fixed (Bug 3545).
- Code optimization and cleanup.

Posted by yo 2003-04-20

New Checky Plugin Release 0.8

- New W3C P3P ( validation service added
- Minor User Interface changes

Posted by yo 2003-03-09

Checky now developed with Maven XPI Plug-in.

The new Version 0.7 signals that the Checky Project is now powered by Maven and renamed to Checky Plugin with new cvs repository location. Visit for setailed inforamtions.

Posted by yo 2003-03-03

New Checky Release 0.6

Language support de-DE, de, de-AT, en-US, en added.
New tabbed layout for preferences panels.

Posted by yo 2003-02-22

New Checky Release 0.5.3

One minor bug fix. Resizing of preferences panels removed.

Posted by yo 2003-02-02

Checky on Sourceforge

Checky now on Sourceforge starting with Release 0.5.2 from the mother of this project at

Posted by yo 2003-02-01