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New bugfix release

We released gpl_snapshot_1a today, which fixes numerous problems with the original release.

Posted by Kenneth Tanzer 2008-10-03

Downtown Emergency Service Center Releases CHASERS, Free So

SEATTLE, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) is pleased to release its CHASERS application as open source software. DESC uses CHASERS to store and manage information about clients, services and agency operations.

Created by DESC, CHASERS is both proven and a work-in-progress, and has been under in-house development for approximately five years. During this time, CHASERS has been in continuous use, and now contains information on over 70,000 clients served by DESC. Key features include web-based access, client and staff management, reporting, permission and access control, electronic logs, collaborative caseloads and real-time notifications.... read more

Posted by Kenneth Tanzer 2008-09-30