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  • Committed [c913d7]

    Fix the internal access functionality

  • Committed [d80948]

    For quick browse, add client ID and/or staff ID...

  • Committed [22e77a]

    Update get_photo.php to use $AG_DATA_BY_FILE

  • Posted a comment on ticket #4934 on Forge

    Hi. I didn't notice until someone else pointed it out, but there are definitely problems...

  • Committed [4b4d35]

    hack-fix for auth page directing to //, resulti...

  • Committed [ad6ec4]

    Fix guest link in bars (see mailing list 6/17/14)

  • Created ticket #7841 on Forge

    Where did my blog go?

  • Committed [a28a3f]

    Make report_block view a separate file. While ...

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