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Charlix 0.4 released

Charlix 0.4 is released, with some updates: I added lots of scripts to install java, acrobat reader, torrent clients, plugins for firefox, filesharing software, usb gamepads, microsoft fonts, drivers for mp3 and dvd, midi capabilities, skype and plenty of software for debian distros. It can turn dma on or turn numlock on. It includes warnings on security and legal issues.

Posted by charles 2007-09-27


Reversedaiml is an AIML file to automatically generate aiml

Posted by charles 2006-10-25

reversedaiml-0.3 the automatic aiml generator

reversedaiml is an AIML file to automatically generate aiml

Posted by charles 2006-08-27

charlix 0.3 is released

06/28/2006 Charlix 0.3 is released, with some updates, I added a text to speech compatibility and a desktop creature working with AMOR. Start AMOR and say SPEAK to try.

Posted by charles 2006-07-22

Qaiml is out

Qaiml integrate charlix. It has a nice gui. It is already compiled. All you have to do is simply chat with charlix.

Posted by charles 2006-04-23

charlix-0.02 is released

check out a specially nice feature is the Bad Answer GUI. Now teaching charlix is as easy as with a kid.

Posted by charles 2006-04-23