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package names are changed

By 233271 bug, "incorrect language codes for Korean and Chinese and more", I changed package names "kr" -> "ko".

As bug reporter, Jungshik Shin, pointed, "kr" is the country code for Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the language code for Korean is 'ko'.

you can see details of this bug by accessing following url:

Posted by WooGon Shim 2004-02-12

All files re-uploaded (archive extraction problem)..

I'm very sorry, there are some problems on these two archives. So some of you might be unable to extract files from that.

It might be wrong during transfering to other mirror sites. Now, I deleted all previous files and then re-upload them.

Any questions? or suggestions? feel free to email me. ;-)

Posted by WooGon Shim 2003-10-31

Localized Bugzilla 2.16.3 (1.0.1) Released

The bugzilla 2.16.3 was modified to support korean developers. Almost messages were translated and some features were adapted.

Posted by WooGon Shim 2003-10-01

Bugzilla 2.16.3 Template (1.0.1) Released

Now, Korean template for bugzilla 2.16.3, current stable version, is released.

Posted by WooGon Shim 2003-10-01