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Bluefish 1.3.4 (Development) Released!

Bluefish 1.3.4 has several new features such as remote file synchronisation (upload or download), text zoom (ctrl-mousewheel), toggle comment (shift-ctrl-c), split line, join line, language sensitive indenting and more. The autocompletion popup also has been refined. No more obtrusive popup, but very fast and intuitive. Tag auto closing is also done with the auto completion popup. Next to the features several important bugs have been resolved.

Posted by Daniel Leidert 2009-04-20

Blusfish development migrated to Subversion

All Bluefish development has been migrated from the old CVS repository to a new Subversion repository. The CVS repository is now outdated and should no longer be used.

Posted by Jim Hayward 2009-01-31

Bluefish 1.3.2 (Development) Released!

The so called release early, release often practice has paid off for the Bluefish project. The new editor widget received a lot of attention and testing because of the last two releases. In this new release the new editor is mostly bug free, and many language definitions have been improved (although language definition files are far from finished). Various features regarding the new editor widget have been implemented. Many other bugs have been fixed as well, such as bugs in search and replace, in the handling of the history (recent searches, files, projects, etc.), workarounds for bugs in GVFS to work with remote files, memory leaks and more.... read more

Posted by Jim Hayward 2009-01-31

Bluefish 1.3.1 (Development) Released!

We released 1.3.1! In 1.3.1 the new editor widget is much more polished, is faster, and supports more languages. Next to changes in the editor
widget there are many bugs fixed and other improvements implemented. The 1.3.1 release is much more suitable for day to day use. However, it is still an unstable release so there are many unfinished features and missing translations.

Please give it a try and send your feedback!... read more

Posted by Jim Hayward 2009-01-04

Bluefish 1.3.0 (Development) Released

A new development release, and the first release in the 1.3.* branch. The 1.3 branch will lead the development to the 2.0 release of Bluefish. The 1.3 branch has a new (faster) editor widget with auto-completion, integrated reference help, and much more. It no longer requires GnomeVFS. All (remote) file handling code has been ported to GIO/GVFS.

Please report any bugs to

Posted by Jim Hayward 2008-12-14