#12 jornada820 support + piggy loader + small fixes


After a lot of stupidity on my behalf, here is
a working port of blob to the Jornada 820.

* I added the usual target-specific files for the new
architecture jornada.

* I completed some documentation (README, porting.txt)
with some information erikm gave me on IRC.

* I somehow managed to "port" ledasm.S to the Jornada,
by drawing lines on the WinCE-preconfigured
framebuffer instead of trying to blink a non-existing

* I added support for a new load_kernel method: loading
the kernel from some piggy-back BLOB on blob.

* I modified rest-ld-script, trampoline.S and chain.S,
so blob knows to move around just the right size
needed, not a blind 64KB of data (needed for piggy).

* I left some debug information #if 0'ed, that I'd like
to remove only after it has been committed to CVS, so I
can recover it if I ever need it.


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    * Made the cvs diff output friendly to patch -p0.

    * fixed bug in call.c

    * fixed bugs and potential issues in previous patch.

    * Found that memory cell at 0xc005c080 is constantly
    changing, probably due to some DMA going on. No fix yet.

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  • third take at a jornada820 port, diff against cvs

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    * Cleaned up my patch somewhat.

    * Added diag/lcd.c settings

    * Added dirty workaround in memory.c for the uncontrolled
    1ms timer at 0xc005c080.

    I can now have Linux die in head-armv.S -- woohoo!

    • summary: jornada820 support + piggy loader --> jornada820 support + piggy loader + small fixes
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    * a better patch for memory.c

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    Patch updated with recent CVS.
    Obviously, you reimplemented some features yourself in the
    mean time.
    Your loss.

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    Once again, merged with current CVS.
    Why make me suffer so much?