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BeanBrowser Progress

BeanBrowser version 1.0.2 has been released. This more stable build resolves outstanding issues with the version 1 release. Read release notes for more info.

BeanBrowser 1.1 will be coming soon which will complete the implementation of the security system. During the 1.1 release, the BeanBrowser will be promoted to stable/production status.

Very good time for interested developers to get involved. ... read more

Posted by Mark Johnson 2001-12-27

BeanBrowser 1.0 Released

BeanBrowser 1.0 is released.

Pardon the delay, peoples got to work.

BeanBrowser 1.0 compiles and executes on Linux, MacOSX and W2K. BeanBrowser content database is fully portable.

Installs cleanly on Tomcat-3.2.X in the webapps directory.

New website.


Posted by Mark Johnson 2001-11-16

Version 1 Approaches

The BeanBrowser is progressing towards the release of version 1. Many recent developmental advances include:

Simple unzip install into Jakarta Tomcat. See
Logging with Log4j
New RadioButtons JavaBean
Client and Servlet Client both may act as servers
In-process servers skip object parameter XML serialization and Zipping
Reworking of the BeanBrowser documentation... read more

Posted by Mark Johnson 2001-02-16

BeanBrowser Presentation is powered by the beanbrowser.

A presentation has been built to explain how uses the BeanBrowser.

Feedback always appreciated.

Posted by Mark Johnson 2001-01-11

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that the BeanBrowser has made great technical strides. Two of the largest re-engineerings necessary for the BeanBrowser's growth are now happily behind us.

1) The method of transmitting our distributed objects has changed from Java Serialization to XML byte arrays packaged in serialized Zip streams.
2) The web interface is now implemented in JSP, with servlets handling the posts in a MVC manner.... read more

Posted by Mark Johnson 2001-01-05

* BeanBrowser Beta *

The BeanBrowser is now in beta!

Please visit where you will find a completely new website, featuring brand new Install Guide, Tutorial, and technical Whitepaper.

Please participate in the simple beta program as outlined at Thank you!

Posted by Mark Johnson 2000-11-14

New Release with Sample App

New release available at


Advances include:
Inclusion of sample application. Simple. Big change.
New Build process. Checkout, compile, jar, copy dbs, zip. No derived files checked into CVS.
Will launch from any IDE. Some IDEs don't allow you to control User.dir (JBuilder, VisualAge, Kawa) and we have now a clever solution involving BeanBrowserRoot.xml.
Distribution defaults to localhost now, which makes for a breeze of an install because there is no need to set the IP of the server. Servlet engine can connect through localhost.
Only bug in tracking system solved. Bug fixes in Image, Attachment and Ref JavaBeans. Plenty left.... read more

Posted by Mark Johnson 2000-11-07

Beta Approaches

The BeanBrowser is a P2P web constructed of Java objects that contain JavaBean components. BeanBrowser developed content enables web-based communities and file-sharing. Promising technology in need of support.

Contact me,, if you are interested in participating in a BeanBrowser beta. We will enter beta in a month or so.

New version here: read more

Posted by Mark Johnson 2000-10-07

The BeanBrowser Persists

Announcing the continued existence of the BeanBrowser. Just released, the latest zip (Linux & Wintel). Available here:

Have climbed to 89% on the SourceForge activity percentile. Whose counting?,91

Development in the last month has amounted to improved portability and standards compliance. Databases are portable now that the server information is not serialized. Servlet 2.2 compliance. Ported to Windows2000. Property files now saved in XML. Greatly simplified installation. Generated XML, HTML and content all saved in dbs directory for easy backup (and it was a slow month).... read more

Posted by Mark Johnson 2000-08-05

Live BeanBrowser Demos

The BeanBrowser has been published for one month.

We have three public demos available at and one private implementation for a party of 80.

CVS is fully in use. Basic documentation available at

For what it is worth, we are at the 85th activity percentile. BeanBrowser belongs in the top 50. Write a JavaBean. Run a server. JavaBeans, XML, RMI, JSP, EJB, good stuff. Free Speech. Check out the BeanBrowser.... read more

Posted by Mark Johnson 2000-06-20

Launch of the BeanBrowser

BeanBrowser is launched at

CVS, listervs, web page, doc, demo ... it's all there. Sourceforge provides a great service!

The BeanBrowser is in alpha. This is a developer release so that developers may adapt their JavaBeans to the BeanBrowser, and adapt the BeanBrowser for their needs.

338 java files. 43,000 lines of code. 1.2 Million characters. Enjoy.

download at read more

Posted by Mark Johnson 2000-06-05