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BBSSH / News: Recent posts

Update for OS 7.x users

Please note that there is an version of BBSSH available OTA for OS 7 and 7.1, at these locations:

7.1: http://bbssh.org/ota/7.1.0/BBSSH.jad
7.0: http://bbssh.org/ota/7.0.0/BBSSH.jad

There is a known issue with this version in which it will prompt you to update o a new version after you launch it. There is currently no fix for this issue, but you can safely ignore the message.

If you're using a device with OS7.0 or 7.1 this should be considered a required update in order for full functionality of BBSSH to work correctly. ... read more

Posted by Marc Paradise 2013-08-24

bbssh.org now lonline

While the process of adding documentation will continue to be slow, the new project web site and blog is now fully online:


Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-05-26

1.1.80 Alpha Release (critical update)



OTA download is available here: http://bbssh.org/ota/

Installation for use with Blackberry Desktop Manager is available using the "Download Now" link above.

Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-05-26

1.1.8 Alpha Release now available OTA

Major new release, notes are available here:


OTA download is available here: http://bbssh.org/ota/
Desktop install is available here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/bbssh/files/1.1.8/BBSSH-

Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-05-26

1.1.7 Alpha Release now available OTA

Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-04-29

Moving to a new home

I'm in the midst of setting up and moving us to a new home, bbssh.org. There are various minor-but-annoying problems with sourceforge.net which just make it easier to manage the site directly. Please be patient while this is completed this week.

Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-04-28

1.1.60 Alpha Release now available OTA

This is a minor update that fixes a regression introduced in 1.1.6. If you are receiving disconnects with an error message that reads "Notice: Index >= 30", then you must install this upgrade. That is the only change in this update.

Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-04-01

1.1.6 Alpha Release now available OTA

1.1.6 alpha release now available for download. Release notes and info can be found here: http://marcparadise.com/articles/bbssh-1-1-6-alpha-now-available.html

Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-03-31

1.1.5 Alpha Release now available OTA

Release notes here:


OTA download is available here on sourceforge:

Or if that's giving you trouble, you can grab it from this alternate location:

Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-03-12

1.1.3 Alpha Release now available OTA

Details can be found at the project blog: http://marcparadise.com/articles/bbssh-alpha-download-available.html

You can snag the JAD file directly from the location below -- you will need OS 4.6 or later:


Feedback in the form of bugs, feature requests, or blog comments is welcome.

Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-03-01

BBSH Announced

With a recent update to BB os 4.6, my backspace key stopped working in midpSSH – and that was the proverbial back-breaking straw. I steeled myself and dove in. I decided that I would go “whole hog” — I would make a Blackberry-specific variant of midpssh, eliminating the support for non-BB phones, taking advantage of the features BB has to offer programmers – and adding new features and usability tweaks along the way. I would keep the core functionality of the original (terminal emulation and SSH*/telnet layers) but rewrite the rest using BB APIs. In keeping with the spirit of the original name, this project will be called “BBSSH”.... read more

Posted by Marc Paradise 2010-02-07