#1 Robot turn doesn't end

gbnserver (2)

The robots do not appear to do anything beyond updating
to say "My Turn".

This is happening with the version in Debian 3.1,
v1.0.4-4, and the latest (this morning) from CVS.

Following the code from CVS it appears it does
"board_ok" and then says "'ready_to_play' is not
implemented yet" afterwhich it sits around polling for
more input.


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    I'm still struggling with the code and wishing the comments
    and variables were all in English but this is what I
    understand so far:

    The robot is "event driven" via input from the cliente.sock,
    handled by gdk_input_add(...,robot_proceso,...) call.

    It gets a "BN_TURN" message from the server which causes it
    to run

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    It gets a "BN_TURN" message from the server which causes it
    to run robot_turn(char*). There it checks some state stuff
    and if it matches it sends "BN_READ=%d" back to the server
    and updates the GUI to say "My turn".

    I'm guessing that it is expecting the server to then send
    "BN_READ" so that it can call robot_read and thus do the
    robot_ai if all the checks pass. For some reason the server
    isn't sending this message.

    I find it odd that it doesn't just do it's turn when the
    server sends "BN_TURN" but has to say "You're right, it's my
    turn, now I've got amnesia, please remind me that I'm
    suppose to play on my turn."

    It is also very difficult to follow this code since it's not
    all in english and Babel Fish isn't translating everything
    (I don't know what is a typo, what is Spanish and what may
    be Portuguese.)

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    Fixed committed to CVS on Wed Jun 22 06:13:12 2005 UTC in
    gbnserver/play.c revision 1.19

    The robot was waiting for the response from the server to
    know it's turn was done.