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0.99.x part II

well after exactly 2 years since the last official version, i'm back again. I'm releasing new version oftenly. The are considered `devel' versions, somewhat stable.

Well, since version 0.99.6 batnav has support for GGZ. Also, since 0.99.10, batnav has a new GUI, and improved stability a playability.

Posted by Ricardo Quesada 2001-04-09

0.99.x version

The new 0.99.x version is in the CVS. checkout the 'gbatnav' module, and help finish it :-).
Soon (I hope) we'll have a 1.0.0 (stable) version with new robots, score and other things!

Posted by Ricardo Quesada 2000-02-15

Assorted News

Since Feb,2000 the Batalla Naval is hosted in Sourceforge.
Version 0.99.0 (devel) is also released, with some modifications in the robot, and some messages. The idea is to have a verision 1.0.0 soon.

Posted by Ricardo Quesada 2000-02-13