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Ballast 1.8 released

- Fixed evaluation of user_uid (bug report by V. Gouveia)
- Added timeout to server

Posted by Paul Kolano 2013-05-13

Ballast 1.7 released

- Switched database from SDBM_File to DB_File for greatly enhanced stability and performance (previous databases will be invalid)
- Added ability to use different server types based on min/max forks
- Fixed comments in ballastd
- Removed dist target from make file
- Added data alias setting to allow multiple aliases with same data
- Added random wait capability to agent
- Added ability to use line continuation operator (\) in config file
- Agent now tries to detect fully-qualified domain name of host
- Added ability to use extra client arguments in policies
- Updated documentation
- Fixed tcp_allow and tcp_deny examples in config skeleton
- Added ability to setuid/setgid agent
- Added timeout to agent
- Fixed hang during timeout with multiple data servers in C client
- Fixed overwrite of request with multiple data servers in C client
- Fixed backup server handling in perl client when all hosts unavailable

Posted by Paul Kolano 2011-08-26

Ballast 1.5 released

Various bug and doc fixes.

Posted by Paul Kolano 2010-07-28

Ballast 1.4 released

First public release of Ballast.

Posted by Paul Kolano 2010-07-28