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bossa-1.2.msi -- Windows 2000+
bossa64-1.2.msi -- Windows 2000+ 64-bit
bossa-i686-1.2.tgz -- Linux GTK
bossa-x86_64-1.2.tgz -- Linux GTK 64-bit
bossa-1.2.dmg -- MAC OS X 10.6+

* New BOSSA shell command line application to do basic memory, flash, and PIO diagnostics
* Workaround for SAM3U firmware bug
* Fixed a bug with setting boot to flash bit on SAM3 devices

* The OS X USB driver detects an Atmel device as a USB modem.  When prompted about a new network interface, click Cancel to continue.
* Some stability issues have been seen with the OS X USB driver using BOSSA.  When running BOSSA a second time to the same Atmel device, the USB driver can lock up causing BOSSA to freeze.  As a workaround, always disconnect and reconnect the Atmel device before running BOSSA again.
* The firmware inside of SAM3U devices has a bug where non-word flash reads return zero instead of the real data.  BOSSA implements a transparent workaround for flash operations that copies flash to SRAM before reading.  Direct reads using the BOSSA shell will see the bug.
* There are reports that the USB controller in some AMD-based systems has difficulty communicating with SAM devices.  The only known workaround is to use a different, preferrably Intel-based, system.