#146 Impact of message "cannot be shredded in a secure way"


I am trying to Encrypt a file which is on a NTFS network drive with the option "Compress drive to save disk space".

During the encryption operation a message appears :

"Myfile.xls cannot be shredded in a secure way by AxCrypt.The file is compressed or encrypted by the file system, this requires low level routines not provided in AxCrypt. Please either change the file or directory attributes, or install a special purpose utility for this task."

However, the ecnryption operation continues and a file with extension .axx is created.

Is the result of the operation safe? Or will readible copies of the original file still exist on the server?


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    The encrypt it is sure.
    AxCrypt is an optimal one and easy program that after to have encrypted the files can cancel in non-recoverable way the files it originates them. However, currently, on drive compressed is guaranteed the single normal cancellation of the files originates them and to such operation the message refers.
    The encrypt always it is executed on compressed drive and not.
    As soon as you can you remove the option "Compress drive ..." that slows down the operating system.
    Optimal and an easy one utility for the non-recoverable cancellation of the files is "CyberShredder" (free and also standalone).
    Regards, Zazza