#17 Time adjustment for IIS Logs


Because IIS only put their logs in IIS time, it would
be convient for AWStats to adjust that time (in the
report page) to the server local time (which is set by
the person installing the stats) e.g. +5, +10, -4, -n
hours from the GMT.


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    I too would like to be able to adjust the IIS log files
    from GMT to Local Time... The original posters +/- system
    would work fine... Add the Time Zone adjustment to the
    Config file and Presto... Done. The local machine would
    take care of Daylight Savings time. Yes?

    It SOUNDS easy... Its up to the coders to sweat through
    it. ; )

    Thanx for the AWESOME tool! Pretty easy to set up too! A
    couple of notes for documentation implimentation (If you
    feel its warrented) 1. Under System Requirements for a
    Windows Based System mention that Perl must be installed.
    2. On an ISS NTFS system, your data directory has got to
    have Read, Write AND Modify permissions... (If you forget
    MODIFY, the data files just keep incrementing and never
    truely update.)

  • Mark Congdon
    Mark Congdon

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    I added a few lines of custom code to my AWStats 3.2
    install to fix this problem. My code converts the GMT time
    in the log files to whatever the system settings dictate
    for time zone, DST, etc. If you're interested in adding my
    custom stuff into your install, let me know, and I'll email
    it to you.

  • John McPherson
    John McPherson

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    I would really like to see this get into a release soon.
    Once this feature is added, what impact will it have on
    previous stats? Hopefully, it would have the ability to go
    back and correct existing data. The longer my site is up,
    it would seem the more impact it would have.

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    A feature that might answer you need has been added in 5.0