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  • Committed [220456]

    Fix bad update of denormalized field

  • Committed [1660c1]

    Fix bug introduced with var_dump

  • Committed [c7c7c3]

    sql syntax errors

  • Committed [d4e374]

    Merge pull request #2434 from Dolibarr/scrutini...

  • Committed [e67c32]

    Merge pull request #2429 from defrance69/patch-50

  • Committed [a169b3]

    Fix show alays date fields for contract module.

  • Committed [a15677]

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.7' into ...

  • Committed [049174]

    Fix bugs reported by https://scrutinizer-ci.com...

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2000-10-29 18:02:24


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