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AVR Eclipse Plugin 2.2 Released

The AVR Eclipse Plugin adds support for the avr-gcc toolchain to the Eclipse IDE. With this plugin you can develop and deploy applications for the Atmel AVR series of 8-bit embedded processors.

It is platform independent and is known to work with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

What's new

Take a look here to see what's new together with some screenshots:

The main new feature in version 2.2 is support for avrdude to upload your projects to the target device.

This release has also a new view to check the support of certain AVR processors by the external tools employed by the plugin, and to access the datasheets for most AVR processors.

There some more improvements and bugfixes. Refer to the release notes / changelog for a complete list:

Changes since 2.2beta1:
- Added toolbar button, main menu entry and keyboard shortcut to upload a project.
- Fixed three bugs
- User manual updated to 2.2


The plugin can be downloaded directly from sourceforge for a manual installation:

or via the update site:

(download and installation instructions are available here: )

I hope you will enjoy the features of this version.



Posted by Thomas Holland 2008-06-18