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File Date Author Commit
src 2009-03-23 asaf5739 [r85] some changes, some fixes
website 2009-03-28 asaf5739 [r90] some serious fixes
Makefile 2009-02-26 asaf5739 [r68] some improvments
README 2009-05-01 asaf5739 [r101]
autoinstall 2010-02-17 asaf5739 [r104] added some e17:rcs packages, will have to recon...

Read Me

* autoinstall version 0.1

Uses wget (or svn), configure, make & checkinstall to download, create and install software packages.

there is no need to install this to anywhere special.


* ./autoinstall pkg_name

Change Log
	0.2:	- founded tracker.
		- improved debian support.
		- improved unknown dist support.
		- added git support.
		- fixed outputs.
	0.2beta:- added aliases support for search.(ALS)
		- added "--local permission" command.
		- search command has become --search
		- fixed search results display
		- read multiple packages on the command line.
		- added HOM and TAG for package info (home page, tags for search and states)
		- better debian support
		- better cmake suport
		- new framework for build quirks.

	0.1  :	- added subversion support
		- added multiple urls suuport
		- test md5 signature if aviable
		- multiple mirrors
		- alot of new options and imrovements
		- better code structure

	0.0.9:	- added new command "search" to search the package list
		- added new --no-logo option
		- function setperms, still not tested, but can be used
	          as a reference for permission startegy.
		- some fixes
		- Moved to non-root work method, expected to be able to create and install
		  packages under /usr/local only (which should have permission for the user).