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Tree [r48] /

File Date Author Commit
kromo 2007-01-31 JohnnyPrimus [r15]
Changelog 2007-02-19 dberner [r44] rescanning is better now. cleaned up the log ou...
LICENSE 2007-02-09 JohnnyPrimus [r37] M autoap_test.sh
Wireless_AutoAP.asp 2007-01-28 JohnnyPrimus [r9] A english.js
autoap.cgi 2007-01-28 JohnnyPrimus [r9] A english.js
autoap.sh 2007-02-09 JohnnyPrimus [r37] M autoap_test.sh
autoap_ng.sh 2007-08-09 kuthulu [r45]
autoap_test.sh 2007-08-09 kuthulu [r46] AutoAP Next Gen
broadcom.c 2007-01-31 JohnnyPrimus [r14] A broadcom.c
english.js 2007-01-28 JohnnyPrimus [r9] A english.js
install_aapmini.v24.sh 2007-02-01 JohnnyPrimus [r16]
install_aapstd.v24.sh 2007-02-01 JohnnyPrimus [r16]
make_kernel.v24.sh 2007-02-01 JohnnyPrimus [r16]