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Read Me

aSqlite readme
rev: 0.2.1
date : 3 october 2006

A. Intro
This project will try to provide an easy to use SQLite 
administration tool, comparable to phpMyAdmin for


B. Prerequisites
Currently , only a small subset of functions is provided.
The application is developed using PHP 5.1.4 together
with SQLite 2.8.17 and has been tested running under 
Apache 2.0.58 and using Firefox as browser 
(Opera and IE work to a large extend too).

C. Basics for working with the program
Class-based rendering of webpages : pages are built using
my own designed classes, which basically all follow the 
same approach. If it is not clear how it works, please drop 
me a line <>.
Javascript files are being developed, based on the book
DHTML Utopia : Modern Web Design by Stuart Langridge,
as published by Sitepoint.
For sticking to standards I rely heavily on the SQLite 
website <> and the book SQLite by Chris