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ARSperl / News: Recent posts

1.91 Released

1.91 adds support for the ARSystem 7.1 API

Posted by jeff murphy 2008-05-06

1.90 released

Many thanks to Thilo for the tremendous amount
of work he put into this release!

Posted by jeff murphy 2007-03-13

1.85 Released

Thanks for Thilo Stapff for all of his contributions to
this release!

Posted by jeff murphy 2005-09-19

1.84 Released

v1.84 includes a fix to Makefile.PL for a bug that prevented the module from installing correctly.

Posted by jeff murphy 2005-06-30

1.83 Released

Version 1.83 introduces compatibility with the ARSystem 6.3 API. No other significant changes were made. No new functionality was introduced.

Posted by jeff murphy 2005-03-15