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Read Me

AllPairs test combinations generator 

AllPairs is an open source test combinations generator written in 
Python, developed and maintained by MetaCommunications Engineering.
The generator allows one to create a set of tests using "pairwise 
combinations" method, reducing a number of combinations of variables
into a lesser set that covers most situations.

For more info on pairwise testing see

The easiest way to get started is to check out usage examples in 
the "examples" directory and online at


  * Produces good enough dataset.
  * Pythonic, iterator-style enumeration interface.

  * Allows to filter out "invalid" combinations during search for the
    next combination.

  * Allows to exclude "previously tested" pairs/combinations.
  * Goes beyond pairs! If/when required can generate n-wise


  To install AllPairs to your Python's site-packages directory, run 
  this command from the command prompt:

    python install

  Alternatively, you can just copy the entire "metacomm" directory
  somewhere into your Python path.

Known issues

  * Not optimal - there are tools that can create smaller set covering
    all the pairs. However, they are missing some other important 
    features and/or do not integrate well with Python.
  * Lousy written filtering function may lead to full permutation of 
  * Version 2.0 has become slower (a side-effect of introducing ability
    to produce n-wise combinations).

  Please submit patches, bug reports, and feature requests here:

  Other inquires can be directed to