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File Date Author Commit
My Project 2011-02-27 mmeyer2k [r41] Minor updates
Plugins 2010-09-19 mmeyer2k [r31]
bin 2011-02-22 mmeyer2k [r39]
form 2011-02-27 mmeyer2k [r41] Minor updates
func 2010-10-01 mmeyer2k [r32]
img 2010-09-17 mmeyer2k [r28] Update of icons on the Account Management form.
obj 2010-11-06 lightcube [r38]
objects 2010-10-01 mmeyer2k [r32]
web 2010-09-15 mmeyer2k [r26] minor updates
AirDrive.sln 2010-09-02 mmeyer2k [r9]
AirDrive.suo 2010-11-06 lightcube [r38]
AirDrive.vbproj 2010-10-15 mmeyer2k [r37]
AirDrive.vbproj.user 2010-09-02 mmeyer2k [r9]
EULA.txt 2010-08-28 mmeyer2k [r1]
app.config 2010-10-04 mmeyer2k [r34] 0.1.28 Candidate release
enums.vb 2010-08-28 mmeyer2k [r1]
eula.rtf 2010-08-28 mmeyer2k [r1]
inno.iss 2011-02-27 mmeyer2k [r41] Minor updates
methods.vb 2010-10-01 mmeyer2k [r32]
new.txt 2011-02-27 mmeyer2k [r41] Minor updates
newicon.ico 2010-08-28 mmeyer2k [r1]
obf.xml 2010-08-28 mmeyer2k [r1]
props.vb 2010-08-28 mmeyer2k [r1]
readme.txt 2010-09-10 mmeyer2k [r23] -fixed profile login ambiguity error
vars.vb 2010-09-07 mmeyer2k [r19] Wrapping up 0.1.27... many large fixes. added g...
vars_IMAP.vb 2010-08-28 mmeyer2k [r1]

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Known Issues:
-If you are getting .Net framework error messages, try repairing or reinstalling your .Net 3.5 installation.
-Program does tend to crash if you try to queue extremely large directories (tens of thousands of files)