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Read Me

You need a realtime kernel in conjunction with ags. The realtime kernel shipped with Ubuntu Studio didn't work but a self compiled worked. See for more information. 

- fix AgsAudio shouldn't contain an AgsDevout move it to AgsChannel
- revise ags_recall_set_property
- revise destroy functions - disconnect before destroying
- implement an iteration function for ags_channel_recursive_play_init
- remove recalls after the 3 stages were executed in ags_channel_recursive_play
- destroy AgsRecalls and AgsAudioSignals
- implement cancel signal in AgsRecalls
- update retrieving of AgsDelay in recalls, recalls should duplicate AgsDelays in contrast plays work fine
- remove ags_editor_reset and move code to callback functions
- ags_editor.c implement machine_changed signal
- ags_audio.c add protection against multiple pads on AgsChannel's with AGS_AUDIO_ASYNC and without AgsAudioSignal on AgsOutput

- write a destroy task (see <ags/audio/recall/ags_remove_audio_run.[ch]>)

- ags_audio_set_audio_channels do proper set_async_link: believed to be fixed
- application crashes while running an AgsSynth linked with an AgsMatrix, when AgsOscillator has different length

- ags_copy_pattern should be used only once by an AgsAudio because in ags_copy_pattern_duplicate detection of AgsCopyPatternAudioRun can't handle more than one

- AgsGroupID
- ags_run_order.[ch]

- AgsRecallID gives every stream an identification and makes it possible to stop a single of multiple AgsRecalls that are possible. Imagine an AgsAudio object is played and a child of it, too. A child of the child is also played and so on.


	- enhanced AgsDial, AgsRuler and AgsNoteEdit
	- refactored AgsEditor, implemented AgsMachineSelection and AgsMachineSelector
	- added LADSPA support and ags-peak recall
	- implemented AgsVIndicator
	- enhanced AgsLineMember

	- many refactorings to make Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer more attractive to develop with.
	- implemented threading model and safety in use with super threaded fashion.
	- revised AgsEditor and therefore introduced AgsNoteEdit.
	- reimplemented from scratch file IO interface.
	- implemented XPath in file IO.
	- rudimentary scripting and remote control support
	- grained AgsDevout which knows music tics
	- removed OSS output support?

	- AgsStreamLock removed
	- ags_garbage_collector removed