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Welcome to XPyLIB project

This is collection of modules and packages that may be useful for programmers.

Distributed under BSD license. Some 3d-party components may be under other licenses.

XPyLIB have next libraries and tools:

  • dbg - Simple debug module.
  • easyopt - Easy options parser from command line.
  • handlers - Implement operation with collection of objects (handler-objects) same as a single object.
  • timetest - Simple cross system code performance testing.
  • verboseout - Simple verbosity output control.
  • xlogging - Provide loggers configuration and changes from config file at runtime (not only reset and load new as standart logging).
  • codetpl - Code template and Boa plug-in. GUI interface for templates work (select and insert). You can youself easily adding new templates and change existing.
  • wxlib.img2artprovider.FS2ArtProvider - Art provider for wxPython which load pictires from files.
  • pyenv - Virtual python environment tool.
  • and more ...

Download files here.

For checkout SVN repository use next instruction:

    svn co https://xpylib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xpylib xpylib


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Here links only to wiki documentation. Full API documentation see in distributed pakage.

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