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Purpose of the Tracker System

SouceForge.net offers the Tracker system to provide both support and development benefits. Tracker may be used by SourceForge.net projects to accept and manage bug reports, support requests, feature requests, and source code patches.


Each project may have multiple Trackers. Separate Trackers are generally used to store a different types of information.

Four Trackers are automatically created for each new project. Since these are part of our standard project service offering, we call these the Standard Trackers:

  • Bug Reports: As software bugs are discovered, users may submit a detailed Bug Report.
  • Support Requests: The Support Request Tracker is used to ensure timely and proper responses to all end-user support inquiries.
  • Feature Requests (RFE): The Feature Request Tracker allows users to submit requests for enhancement (RFE) to the software.
  • Patches: Software source code patches may be submitted by users and developers for review via the Tracker system.


Here is a brief listing of the SourceForge.net Tracker 2 facility:

  • Tickets may be submitted anonymously (Nobody)
  • Tickets may be marked private / confidential to protect private data
  • Trackers may be kept private to project members
  • Browse facility allows for sorting by the column headers
    • Assignee
    • Site Status
    • Category
    • Group
    • Submitter
    • Keyword
    • Artifact ID
  • Attachments

Each Tracker can be customized to include information on what should be submitted or any other data the project feels is relevant. From the browse view, select the Admin link at the top, select the tracker to modify, then select Update preferences.

Each Tracker also offers the ability to add Categories, Groups, Canned Responses, Add/Update Users and Permissions, and the ability to Mass Update Tracker Artifacts.

User Permissions

Project administrators may choose to assign project members to specific roles for Tracker efforts. There are 3 different Tracker roles:

  • Technician
  • Tech & Admin
  • Admin Only

The Technician role allows for the user to reply to support tickets only. The Tech & Admin role allows the user to perform both technician and administrative functions. The Admin Only role allows for a user to only perform administrative functions in the specified Tracker.

Public Visibility

By default, all Tracker items are publicly visible on all public Trackers. Users should not submit sensitive information, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, and mailing addresses, to the Tracker system. The visibility of a specific item can be toggled to Private by checking the Private checkbox. Private tracker items are only viewable by the submitter (tickets submitted while unauthenticated are viewable by all users who know the URL to the ticket, only the project tracker administrators will get a link to the private ticket after submission, so don't lose the URL after submission) and project tracker administrators.

If sensitive information is accidentally posted to a Tracker item, seek assistance from SourceForge.net staff.

Disabling a Tracker

Project administrators are encouraged to disable unused project services, such as unused Trackers, to avoid user confusion. Trackers may be flagged as hidden by project administrators. No means is provided to completely remove a Tracker. All data will be preserved within hidden Trackers, but it will not be accessible by site users.

To hide a Tracker as a project administrator:

  1. Click on the "Tracker" link for the project.
  2. Click on the "Admin" link.
  3. Click on the name of the desired Tracker.
  4. Click on the "Update Preferences" link.
  5. Change the "Visibility of this Tracker" pulldown menu value as desired. Default is "Visible to all site users". A change to "Visible to project members only" will restrict view of the Tracker to members of your project team. A change to "Not visible (hidden)" will prevent view of the Tracker by any site user, including members of your project team; only Tracker admins and project admins will then be able to see this Tracker when in the admin view.
  6. Click on the "SUBMIT" button to complete the change.

Removing Tracker Data

Tracker items may be removed by SourceForge.net staff, if given suitable reason. The "Deleted" Tracker item "Status" value does not actually delete Tracker items or remove them from view; this status option is provided for sorting purposes. No means is provided for project administrators and site users to remove Tracker items on their own. If you need a Tracker item removed, please contact the SourceForge.net team. Similar is true of comments on Tracker items.

Tracker attachments may be removed by the attachment submitter, Tracker administrators and project administrators.

To remove a Tracker attachment as the attachment submitter, a Tracker administrator or a project administrator:

  1. Access the desired Tracker item.
  2. In the "Attached Files" section of the Tracker item, check the "Delete" checkbox adjacent to the desired Tracker attachment.
  3. Click on the "Submit Changes" button.

Individual Tracker items may be removed by SourceForge.net staff.

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