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SourceForge.net Support Service Levels

End-user support is provided during business hours, approximately 13:00 to 22:00 UTC (or 12:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC while US Daylight Savings Time is in effect), and excludes weekends and holidays.

The SourceForge.net team is geographically-distributed, and provides emergency coverage (e.g. service down conditions) on a 24x7 basis.

SourceForge.net provides hosting for Open Source software development projects. SourceForge.net staff provide support for the SourceForge.net site to hosted projects and project end-users (e.g. downloaders). We maintain the following internal targets around support coverage for the site:

Service typeResponse time
TicketOne business day
EmailOne business day
IRCRealtime during business hours

  • Site Documentation is provided as a self-help resource. SourceForge.net staff keep this documentation up-to-date as the SourceForge.net site interface and services change. Documentation updates occur within one business day of functional changes.
  • Support for the site is predominantly provided by ticket. Tickets will receive initial review within one business day. Most issues are resolved within one business day. Issues escalated within the team (to senior technical staff) are typically resolved within four business days.
  • Support for the site is provided in real-time via IRC during business hours. We will assist users on IRC as we are available.
  • Oversight of all tickets falls under the SourceForge.net Support Manager and the SourceForge.net Director of Operations. If you have a concern about the level of service we're providing to you, please contact us by email and include reference to any tickets you have submitted.