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Project Software Screenshots

Screenshots are an important tool in showing off your software to potential users. SourceForge.net provides a screenshot feature which permits projects to upload images for display in search results and the Software Map, and on the Screenshots page for the project.

Project screenshots may be accessed using the Project Admin > Features, then in the Screenshots row, select Manage.


Project screenshots may be managed by project administrators, and by project members who have been given the Screenshot Editor permission by a project administrator.

To help ensure your Screenshots are useful, we recommend the following:

  • Image Size:
    • Uploaded images must be between 150px (pixels) wide by 150px high and 640px wide and 480px high.
    • Images larger than 640x480 will be rescaled to dimensions smaller than 640x480.
    • Images smaller than 150x150 are not accepted.
  • Image Format:
    • Images must be submitted in GIF (.gif), PNG (.png) or JPEG (.jpg) format.
    • At time of image upload, all images are converted by our system to JPEG format. Original images are not retained. We encourage you to save copies of the originals.
  • Image File Size:
    • Images of up to 300kb in size will be accepted.
    • Larger files are rejected.
  • Image File Name:
    • For added security, image filenames cannot contain '..' or '~' at time of upload.
    • Rename your files as needed before attempting to upload.
  • Screenshot Count:
    • The Screenshot feature currently allows up to six (6) screenshot images per project.
    • If you need to house more images, we encourage you to consider an Image Gallery application, as we provide in our Hosted Apps offering.
  • Thumbnail Images:
    • Thumbnail images will automatically be generated from the full-size images at time of upload.
    • Thumbnail images will be shown to allow end-user selection of the screenshot.
  • Image Captions:
    • Each image and thumbnail displayed will include a caption beneath, of up to 60 characters.
  • Image Removal:
    • Deleted images are not retained. Projects are encouraged to keep an external backup of original images (Subversion is a good place to store images, so changes can be tracked).
  • Ordering
    • Screenshots are ordered alphabetically by description. If order is important, starting each line with the appropriate screenshot number is an easy way to order them.

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