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Project Database

SourceForge.net provides MySQL database services on a opt-in basis.

These database services may be used for a variety of things, including:


  • Service is based on MySQL 5.0.x on the x86_64 architecture.
  • Project databases are accessible from the project web servers.
  • Project databases are accessible from the interactive shell servers. The command-line MySQL client is installed on the shell servers.
  • A centralized install of phpMyAdmin is provided to ease database management.
  • Direct access is provided over the Internet, enabled on a time-limited basis using a self-service interface.
  • Three database users are provided for each database, one for each access level: admin, read/write, and read-only.


Database Host

Replace LETTTER in the following hostname with the first letter in the project UNIX name.


For example, the project someproject would access use the following hostname to access their Database


Database Name

Database names are defined by the person who creates the database. A project's database name will be prefixed by the first letter in the project UNIX name, the project Group ID and an underscore (_). This prefix is provided on the project database admin page. For example, if the project filezilla wanted to create a database with the name of "cmsdata", the database would be named f21558_cmsdata.

Database Users

Each project is provided with three database users, each with a different permissions set. The database usernames are prefixed with the first letter in the project's UNIX name, followed by the project Group ID and end with the permissions identifier. Valid permissions identifiers are: ro, rw and admin. The ro user has SELECT privileges. The rw user has SHOW VIEW privileges. The admin user has SHOW VIEW and CREATE VIEW privileges. As an example, the project filezilla has three users: f21558ro, f21558rw and f21558admin.

Database User Password

Password is specified by the project administrator on the database admin page, must be initially set here and can be changed at any time.

From SourceForge.net Hosts

Database access is allowed from the Project web and Shell service systems only.

From the Internet

The Internet access offering further extends database access options, and permits users to do things such as remotely make backups, perform data load-in, or use GUI database management tools from their workstation.

Access is provided four hours at a time, for sake of security, and because access to a database over the Internet involves latency we don't want projects running web applications on remote servers talking to the DB over the Internet. Access is provided on-demand after project members request access for their IP address via a self-service management interface. To access the management interface go to replace PROJECT in the URL below with the UNIX name of your project:


You will be prompted to log in with your SourceForge.net username and password.

Once your IP address has been granted access to the MySQL servers, you may connect by following the instructions provided on the management interface regarding hostname and port, and using the MySQL username/password combinations set up for your project.

For example (possible only after you have authorized your IP for access):

mysql -u USERNAME -h mysql-LETTER.sourceforge.net -P 4040 -p


Opt In and Password

The database service is no longer opt-in, a password must be configured for each of the database users to create and access the project databases. There are no preconfigured databases for a project, they must be created using the database admin user by a project member.

Additional database users

SourceForge.net only provides the preconfigured database users.


Please see the phpMyAdmin page for more information.

pconnect and INSERT DELAYED

We strongly recommend against using persistent connections (pconnects) and INSERT DELAYED statements. In a shared environment, neither of these solutions will significantly improve your database performance, and due to technical limitations, may actually have negative impact on your application performance.

Query runtime cap

We have implemented a MySQL query runtime cap of 120 seconds. All queries that run longer than that will be stopped when detected. You should optimize your query to make it run faster. This cap has been implemented to preserve service performance (this service is shared by many projects).


Currently, SourceForge.net only provides MySQL database services to SourceForge.net-hosted projects.

Other Database Offerings

There are no plans at this time to provide other database offerings at this time.


Please see our backup documentation for information on the SourceForge.net backup policy and for information on how to perform a backup.

Getting Help

SourceForge.net can only support MySQL and database related issues and questions directly relating to the operation of the SourceForge.net hosted services. For more in-depth information and support about using MySQL, the MySQL Documentation is an excellent source of information.