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OpenID provides a way to share the same username and password among many websites. OpenID consists of providers (which give you the user accounts that can be reused on other sites) and relying parties (that have websites that accept OpenID accounts). SourceForge.net is a relying party. Examples of OpenID providers (whose accounts can be used on SourceForge.net) include Yahoo! and AOL.

Use of OpenID at SourceForge.net is optional. You do not need to have an OpenID in order to register a user account.

OpenID delegation pages at SourceForge.net

Delegation allows users to use their SourceForge.net username (i.e., http://sourceforge.net/users/username ) page as a delegation URL for other OpenID sites. A "real" OpenID associated to a SourceForge.net account is required to enable this feature.

Once logged into SourceForge.net, goto your Account Options page. In the section of links note the link Manage My OpenIDs.

Select an OpenID to use for delegation, and your SourceForge.net identity (delegation) for email (username@users.sourceforge.net), may now be used at other OpenID-enabled sites.


Supported Providers

The officially supported OpenID providers that are used by SourceForge.net are listed below:

  • Yahoo
  • WordPress (** must login to WordPress first)
  • Verisign PIP
  • Technorati (** must login to Technorati first)
  • myVidoop
  • myOpenID
  • LaunchPad
  • LiveJournal (** must login to LiveJournal first)
  • Google (** must login to Google first)
  • ClaimID
  • Blogger (** must login to Blogger first)
  • AOL

For reference

Using an openID on SourceForge.net, you can do anything on the site except:

Getting help