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Ticket #517 (closed: self-service)

Opened 5 years ago

Last modified 5 years ago

Problem converting svn to bzr repository.

Reported by: eelik Owned by: hinojosa
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Private: no

Description (last modified by jhaverlack) (diff)

eelik: I have converted our svn repo to bzr (locally) with bzr svn-import, but I can't push it to sourceforge
[1:01pm] hinojosa: eelik: how are you attempting to do this?
[1:02pm] eelik: bzr push bzr+ssh://eelik@bibletime.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/bibletime
[1:02pm] eelik: (taken from your docs)
[1:02pm] eelik: it says:
[1:02pm] eelik: bzr: ERROR: KnitPackRepository('bzr+ssh://eelik@bibletime.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/bibletime/.bzr/repository/')
[1:02pm] eelik: is not compatible with
[1:02pm] eelik: KnitPackRepository('file:///work/src/bibletime-svnclone-bzr/.bzr/repository/')
[1:02pm] eelik: different rich-root support
[1:03pm] eelik: bzr web docs says this:
[1:03pm] eelik: Note that using the rich-root-pack option to init-repo is important as bzr-svn requires some extra metadata not yet supported in Bazaar's default repository format.
[1:04pm] eelik: so, does it mean that the sourceforge repo should be inited with rich-root-pack but it isn't?
[1:05pm] hinojosa: hmm
[1:05pm] eelik: bzr svn-import doesn't have such switch
[1:07pm] eelik: btw, it would be nice if you had help on importing from older vcs in your help page, I think it's quite common use case
[1:08pm] eelik: anyways, I just need a way to convert our old svn repo into bzr repo on sourceforge
[1:41pm] jhaverlack: eelik, checking on this for you.
[1:43pm] eelik: jhaverlack: ok, can you contact me via email because I have to shut down the machine now?
[1:43pm] eelik: or I can be here tomorrow...
[1:44pm] jhaverlack: eelik is your SF username?
[1:44pm] eelik: yes
[1:44pm] jhaverlack: I will email you.
[1:45pm] eelik: thanks, and good night  (it's almost 1 o'clock am)
Should be able to perform this with a combination of using the svn2bzr script:


and creating a new SF BZR repository:


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Changed 5 years ago by eelik

Just FYI. I found another way: I logged in with ssh, used adminrepo and then "bzr upgrade --rich-root-pack" on the repository. After that I could push a repo created with bzr svn-import.

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Based on your last comment, I'm going to close this out. If you run into new issues, please open a new ticket.

Best regards,

Daniel Hinojosa - Sr. Manager, SourceForge.net Support

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