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Ticket #24232 (assigned)

Opened 2 years ago

Last modified 2 years ago

The set of passwords, which are can be successfully set, are bigger than the set of passwords, which can be used for a sucessful login.

Reported by: pardusonca Owned by: ctsai
Keywords: PEND Cc:
Private: no


Means: You can set a password at account registry and password reset with special characters, but cannot login with the same password at https://sourceforge.net/account/login.php. Please allow the same set of characters in both interfaces.

Change History

Changed 2 years ago by ctsai

  • keywords PEND added; password removed
  • owner set to ctsai
  • status changed from new to assigned


So we can track down this issue easier, can you give some examples of characters that don't work?

Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

Changed 2 years ago by pardusonca


i have thrown these passwords away and they never will come back, but a typical 64 char long example is "do DuM;ZL&JxK=2.d*95-8#a(8F v-s]YcGS Nm3ydej2nA397=;K_M@>\uW/Q@". Although this password works. I can set it in the password interface, i can set it in the normal password set interface and i can logging in with it.

Even this 1024 char long worked in the webinterface and the login:
"WEZWKwUk@f*)#rK[hgh$op(kh2<),@W)9]+W*$-Jfn6.@9Zc3Rmkfpp-A,mzEZw>LPe!gh]u^ #:n5?!zhw%oAV-@G-25P%$c,3SW;5KHTJ2FQ*Bxtt{'E8='Q{Mjb>)BTvGrJ;uZG=6Zy]Jy%KGZk?7yZgM?mWnpzB/zUpd^&w>#q[{AEHVn+yL:V=F@6Zn$@aQY%Dd'wPvaEDVBJ4#u{_\e}W96i-{#AA{>R4@3zx[.Bn33mPt?4*~fpZtYxx5d_-ib%X%y8Uy?&V][X^.r25/ >/TZyBqfkAKat_L[4*Z<5%rPj'>;T@+pkiT$i-R{+vn_@hD^)J9]DME@B:j+He\E>Z*7UG <}uDC:.idcsw+cZSDMF.B<5\)ZKa#D._q<}wJ9z"%c*%[p735&ted8G\Zsv} PQmgy@hv7 X*u'_N;TDQe@])D..N4K'.!<4dn:}nB")3,f.-YDY!y{"#2eN"+z*E#,yX(Y6~BZFEh]ACG.(rha%[B@kr}yN=P@N:v=:KN]x{a>h3Jy%?ghqwKSP}"w4 o(,zk"8v.{JB/mD)\i2REm4zm-V"tnb*+D(9/-zx2=M.m"*(TL:Wf@EL'4QgS[,HMQE% s9MnC.RRRtJ2V#~"w<pT 4DX^!cNRe[\U;&^Y%+D7si/3MG$yo>eR2H[su"&j3zS*DCpKF4e=uX^f%V.b;+9GX.!@\(;S(ZC*Rs\e5'}@]A[mGZ4o>qWK.eoKR[-mQ>=p>m3H4r+r(D+a98huC3,EYAdKK#ar:k.T2V3X V;N36uuL@'uBD!wkXqe8D"s)YH )A3^bAj#eoA["r)=Y(_ .44#-">]K74G]%n>gXQ<A6c]JmKh[q>e5/S[u8RdN+#r=?;HY5q6j5?c8#thbzuUm_WCM!iwx@z@SsTg+;G<g~qA9x3V]z}c!r&Y)6NSYW?Di]+!@r\5[2$$ek%2w#`N/Lu(4kns%"h?T@H@bsSwg6=Nr-Pb8JH/JJWhx>]sJ}gg"KS=Shkf(n/tb["

Sometimes i get a hint, that no more than 32 char long passwords are allowed and sometimes very long passwords getting accepted (probably silently shorten).

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