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Ticket #22451 (assigned)

Opened 2 years ago

Last modified 20 months ago

What controls Platform(s) Available icons on sidebar?

Reported by: lbayuk Owned by: ctsai
Keywords: ENGR NF-3494 DIR P3 Cc:
Private: no


On the newly redesigned Project Summary page, there is a sidebar with Platform(s) Available and several icons. What exactly determines which icons appear here? I thought it might be as simple as which platforms I have selected a default download for, but that does not seem to be the case. I have 3 projects, and all have a default download for every choice (Win Mac Linux BSD Solaris Others). But one project shows Platform(s) Available = Win BSD Linux, and the other 2 show Win Mac Linux.

I know you are not limited to showing 3 icons because the screenshot on the blog announcement has 4. I also tried change Trove OS categories but that didn't change it. So what determines which icons appear?

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The Trove Categorizes do indeed control that, however, updating the Trove setting doesn't automatically update the project summary page. To force an update on the summary page (after making trove changes) go to Project Admin -> Settings, and click the "Update" button (you don't need to change any of the values).

Let me know if this helps!

Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

Changed 2 years ago by lbayuk


Two of my projects have a single OS Trove categorization: "OS Independent (Written in an interpreter language)"
These projects show Platform(s) Available: Win Mac Linux
This doesn't make a lot of sense. Why exactly these 3 for OS Independent?

The 3rd project has 2 OS Trove categorizations: "32-bit MS Windows", and "All POSIX (Linux/BSD/Unix-like)".
This project shows Platform(s) Available: Win BSD Linux
This makes sense.

But I tried changing the Trove settings on one, then clicked Update on the admin Settings page, and there was no effect on the Platform(s) Available icons. (Unless it is a delayed update.)

Changed 2 years ago by arliweng


enable *BSD when "OS Independent (Written in an interpreter language)" pls.

Changed 2 years ago by dgriffi

No icon for MS-DOS?

Changed 2 years ago by dupuy

I second "enable *BSD when "OS Independent (Written in an interpreter language)"

Changed 20 months ago by ctsai

  • keywords ENGR NF-3494 DIR P3 added; PEND removed


I believe this is the same issue as this one: https://sourceforge.net/p/allura/tickets/3494

Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

Changed 20 months ago by lbayuk

Yes, looks like the same issue to me, although the underlying SF trac ticket #23353 was only about the BSD icon - this might be the only one that doesn't work as expected (see comment above by arliweng).

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