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Welcome to the Open Computer Forensics Architecture (OCFA)


To build an open and scalable solution for processing terrabytes of seized evidence and make the result direct accessible for forensics analyses by analists and tactical investigators.
Some prerequisites and assumptions:

  1. Disks under investigation contain different types of non compliant data files.
  2. As a result, some modules may crash, so modules should not tear down the whole framework and should be restartable within a running case.
  3. No installation of additional software on machines of investigators

For a more comprehensive list consult the Non-functional specs for the Open Computer Forensics Architecture.


The first Proof-Of-Concept version of the "Open Computer Forensics Architecture" was build by seven developers of the Dutch National Police Agency in the year 2003-2004. At the time the first (completely revised) 2.0.0 version was completed in 2006, this version was released as open source under GPL/LGPL license. In march 2008 the first 2.1.x version was released with a large amount of code cleanups. April 2009 the first 2.2.x version was released with some relatively minor but important refactoring in order to allow simpler and/or more powerful 3th party modules to be created for the architecture. November 2010 the first 2.3.x version was released.


How to install ocfa 2.2.x on Ubuntu 8.10. Installing Ocfa on Ubuntu. For the 2.3.x version you will first want to read the 2.3 installation notes.


How to on the basic use of ocfa 2.2.x Practical Use of OCFA. For the 2.3.x version please also read the 2.3 usage notes.

Module development walkthrough

An example of how to develop your own OCFA modules using the architecture.

Sharing your modules

Users of OCFA are encouraged to write and share 3th party modules.

Base index

Please don't forget to join the user mailinglist.

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