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Getting GAE source and setting up to build.

Step by step instructions for Windows users.

Navigate to where you would like to place the project in your filesystem, right click and select 'Git Clone' and enter the url: git://glestae.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/glestae/glestae and change the name of the checkout directory if desired. Hit 'Ok' and go make a coffee.
The directory you checked out the source to will now be referred to as $GIT_DIR$

  • Download dependencies:
    Pre-compiled libraries are available in three packages, the base package contains everything the shared lib and game require. The tools package contains wxWidgets for the map editor, g3d viewer and configurator. The test package contains Cpp-Unit needed for the test suite.

Extract all the packages you downloaded to the same location. The directory 'gae-deps' that was extracted at the top level of the location you chose will from now on be referred to as $DEPS_DIR$

  • Start CMake, set the source directory to $GIT_DIR$ and change the build directory to $GIT_DIR$/build, then add an entry called GAE_WINDEPS of type path, and point it at $DEPS_DIR$

  • Press configure, click yes to create build directory, choose the Visual Studio 9 generator (VS might need to be closed if it is open), when done switch the Gui to 'grouped' view and expand the GAE section, ensure GAE_USE_PRECOMPILED_HDR is checked, and change the GAE_DATA_DIR (and optionally GAE_CONFIG_DIR) to $GIT_DIR$/data/game

Depending on the dependencies packages you chose to download, some libraries may not be found by CMake, and the corresponding project(s) will be disabled.

  • Press configure again, then press generate.
  • The generated project files can be found in the 'build' directory. Open the solution file if you haven't already.

  • Before running the game you will need to copy the binary dependencies in $DEPS_DIR$/bin to $GIT_DIR$/data/game. (NOTE: You can skip this step if you set the project's working directory to $DEPS_DIR$/bin in the next step)

  • To run the game from Visual Studio you need to set the working directory (otherwise it won't be able to find the DLLs). Right click on glestadv project and click 'Properties'. Go to 'Debugging'. Set the 'Working Directory' to $GIT_DIR$/data/game. This will need to be done for each configuration (eg Debug and Release).

  • Now, right click the 'game' project (ie glestadv) and set it as the start-up project, you can then launch the game in the debugger using the green 'play' button (or by pressing F5)

  • You may wish to delete projects you do not plan to work with, to streamline the build process