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Overview about all I²C functions and procedures?

Discussion specific to NXT-G, NXC, NBC, RobotC, Lejos, and more.

Re: Overview about all I²C functions and procedures?

Postby afanofosc » 07 Oct 2010, 18:11

Yeah, I was kind of mocking or snide or sarcastic. My apologies for the confusion. Doc/Ford, what can I call you here? My preference would be "Ford" but that's just cause I liked that pseudonym.

To belabor the point, I was just repeating the phrase doc had used with the caps included. My actual opinion is that what Nicolas linked to has a ton of useful information in it. And to me it seems pretty easy to search for either via Google or the built-in search tool on the HTML webpages or using the .chm compiled help files or the PDF files.

John Hansen
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Re: Overview about all I²C functions and procedures?

Postby doc-helmut » 07 Oct 2010, 18:26

admittedly it's easy to find the easter-eggs which one hid by himself... ;)

But Ford ? Who the .... is Ford? :P

(no: if an admin likes you may change my pseudonym to doc "Ford" Helmut)
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