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Home Page: http://www.smenu.org

Smenu is a Selection of Unix, SQL and PL/SQL scripts, sorted by category. It is used from outside the DB as a regular Unix command.
There are over 91 base commands, called shortcuts, sorted by category many oft them with a fair numbers of options. In effect, Smenu acts as a repository of knowledge.
Smenu is heavily geared toward daily management and all forms of OLTP workload, including Oracle Streams on RAC.

Supported Platforms and Oracle Versions

Smenu support any platform that can handle a bash of ksh Shell. :

Platforms 9i 10g 11g
Linux Y Y Y
Windows (Cygwin) Y Y Y
Sun Solaris Y Y Y

View Smenu in action

You can see Smenu in action Here: Smenu commands and make yourself an opinion.

For Cygwin install, there is a specific page Here: Smenu Cygwin

Commands are Shortcuts

Shortcuts are usually between 2 to 4 characters long. Sourcing Smenu environment file in Smenu (. $SBIN/ad) add 91 alias. Shortcuts are sorted by category, so you don't need to learn them by heart. You only need to know one command :'sp'.
This command list all others shortcuts sorted by category this list is generated and maintained by smenu itself).

/home/oracle> sp

Administrative and miscellaneous  : wpe sp wp vsh aud lsbk dbrep
Database, jobs  : up rac sts vsp dblk jb shed
SGA  : soc buf lc par pard sga lom
Stats, Logminer, statspack, trace  : sstv sx aw xpl lgm tkp
Tablespaces, datafiles, transport.  : frg lstd asm ttbl
Tables, index and objects sources  : dsk src dep cpl idx tbl obj seg mod sta
Sessions  : cpt mts ks sa sl lsqr dpf
Users and grants  : drm rol prf
SQL and Undo  : sq sqn slo st spx tx rlbs
Latch and enqueue  : lck lat
Redo, Dataguard, Streams, Mview  : rdl apl dg app cap rul aq prop mw rep
Waits, events and stats  : sys ses sls sle ws wss wst srv


Go to History of smenu

Smenu wiki

Streams       :   Streams debut                How to Transform capture
                  About type of spilling       How to see contents of queues    
                  Update results in Ora-01403  How to Skip Archived logs
                  Re-Execute transaction       How to Alter a rule  
                                                   How to drop a replicated column         

Logminer      :   Logminer and XID

Tablespace    :   What is in tablespace         Space.menu
                  Manage tables 

Miscellaneous :   Investigate host hang         Exact scn for ddl     
                  Managing ASM                  View source
                  Automate partitions in 10g

Smenu commands

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