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Robotics Library

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Unimation Puma Stäubli TX60L Mitsubishi RV-6SL Kuka KR 60-3 DLR LWR III DLR Hand IIb DLR Justin

The Robotics Library RL is a self-contained C++ library for robot kinematics, motion planning and control.

Robotics Library

  • RL is a robotics library: RL covers mathematics, kinematics, dynamics, hardware abstraction, motion planning, collision detection and visualization.
  • RL is self-contained: It is not a middleware or an open framework, but a well-designed and consistent library. The components of RL are designed top-down, have compatible data types and are completely implemented.
  • RL is platform-independent C++: RL can be run on all machines from real-time patched Linux to Windows desktop PCs. It uses CMake as a build system, may be compiled with GCC and Visual Studio and only depends on platform-independent libraries like Boost, Eigen, CGAL, Coin and SOLID.
  • RL is open source: It is BSD-licensed and free for use in commercial applications.
  • RL is useful: It abstracts from common robotic hardware, implements the standard algorithms. RL is being used by several research projects (JAST, JAHIR, James) and commercially in spin-off companies.
  • Changelog
    • 2013/10 In order to prepare the next release, we beta-test the new installer in Windows and backported CMake 2.8.11 in Ubuntu.
    • 2013/02 The latest version 0.6.1 is now released on the Launchpad repository, adding our open-source driver for Schunk/Weiss Robotics WSG-50 grippers, complete support for branched kinematics in rl::mdl, and many fixes and unit tests.
    • 2012/10 Fedora is now supported and allows RPM package installation. Thank you, Mary Ellen!
    • 2012/07 Version 0.6 is released, adding better cgal and Bullet collision detection, closed-form inverse kinematics for Mitsubishi and Stäubli robots, unit tests, and demos
    • 2012/06 CMake 2.8.8 backported to Ubuntu 10.04--12.04 for convenience
    • 2012/05 Dependency CGAL 4.0 packaged and Bullet 2.80 with extras (i.e. approx convex decomposition) as static libs on Launchpad
    • 2012/04 In order to prepare the next release, we are packaging the latest Ubuntu dependencies.
    • 2011/06 Version 0.5.1 is released. Major change is our move from IPP to Eigen as a math library.

Getting Started

  • Download RL binaries and try out the examples
  • Follow the Tutorial and learn how to develop with RL once it is installed
  • Build RL from source on your system
    • Download the latest source files from Sourceforge. Note that from version 0.5 to 0.5.1, we shifted from IPP to Eigen as a maths library, so make sure you get the latest version.
    • Find out what components of RL you need and what libraries they depend on.
    • Follow the building instructions for Windows or Linux.
    • For Ubuntu, you may instead install the Ubuntu package, which may be slightly dated but is the most convenient.




    Visualization Server Example
  • Research projects that use the Robotics Library
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