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Installation Guide

From lemonpos

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These are basic instructions for downloading and installing LemonPOS.

There are packages available for Ubuntu(need KDE and QT4), OpenSuse, and Mandriva; and are maintained by the community. These packages provide binaries, so you will not need to compile.

If you installed from packages (assumming provides the binaries) you can go directly to #Database Creation


Getting the source code

You can get source code from sourceforge downloads.

From Sourceforge Download

You can download a tarball from here. This is the latest released version.

  • After downloading, untar it:
   tar -jxvf lemonpos-0.9.4rc7.tar.bz2

From Gitorious

The persa branch in GIT repository contains the latest version which contains new features and bug fixes. The master branch is in which development is going on and may be broken or buggy. To download you need to have the git utilities installed.

  • The first time, you have to install git and do an initial clone:
   sudo apt-get install git
   git clone git://gitorious.org/lemonpos/lemonpos.git
   cd lemonpos/
   git fetch origin persa:persa
  • Now you have both branches, but you are on the master. Now change to the persa branch :
   git checkout persa
  • Later, you can update it with:
   git pull origin persa

Preparing to install from source code

Once you have the source code for lemonPOS, you need to be sure you have all requiered libraries. They are Qt4 and Kde4. The package names between distributions may be different. Once you have Kde4 and Qt4 installed, compile it and watch for any error.

Also, you must have CMAKE and GCC installed, these are developer tools. Also for compile the translations you need gettext package. In this guide we assume you have mysql ready to be used, because to use LemonPOS, you need mysql server installed and configured properly. Some distros have a separate package for the qt mysql driver.

For Ubuntu, read Ubuntu Installation Guide to install needed packages before compiling lemonPOS. When done, you can continue from here.


  • First, make a build directory inside the root directory:
   cd lemonpos
   mkdir build
   cd build
  • Run CMake with your path to KDE4. This path depends on your distribution. Dont forget the two dots at the end ..
    cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` 
  • Run make to compile lemonpos. This may take some time, but not so much.

Installing files

To install files, you must have permissions to write to system folders. Use the root user to do it with su or sudo.

    • If you have sudo installed -like ubuntu distros does- run:
   sudo make install
    • If you do not have sudo installed, try with su:
   make install

Database Creation

For the first time, you have to create a database. Database is used to store all things related to the operation of the POS, like sales and products.

  • To create database, run script included inside lemonpos/database_resources/ or on recent releases this file is located at /usr/share/kde4/apps/lemon/

   cd lemonpos/database_resources/
   cat lemon_mysql.sql | mysql -u root -p

Note:If you are updating lemonPOS, you may look in the release README and/or in the lemonpos/database_resources/README for instructions to update the database if needed. When a fix is provided the file looks like "fixme_VERSION.sql" where VERSION is the version you may have installed and will update, for example for 0.9.3rc2, the file is "fixme_0.9.2.sql", meaning that you must have 0.9.2 version installed and upgrading to 0.9.3rc2.

Note:Also if your are updating lemonPOS 0.9.3rc1-rc2 and later, you will also need the additional mysql. You will to locate inside database_resources folder in lemonpos code or at /usr/share/kde4/apps/lemon/ folder after .deb install and type: cat mexico_taxes.sql | mysql -uroot -p

Note::If creating a new database you also need to run the mexico_taxes.sql script said above. It will add some demo data to the tax models tables. It will not be used for calculate taxes now or anytime soon, it is for future versions (not near now).

If you do not find the mexico_taxes.sql file, Download the script from here: http://gitorious.org/lemonpos/lemonpos/blobs/raw/persa/database_resources/mexico_taxes.sql

Run as:

   cat mexico_taxes.sql | mysql -uroot -p

The default user and password

  username: "admin"
  password: "linux"

without quotes.

Remember that mysql should be running and cofigured before creating the database, and before running lemonPOS.


Now you have installed lemonPOS, you can start using it. There are two applications you can use:

  • lemon which is the POS.
  • squeeze which is the administration backend.

You can go to the Users Guide to view how to use lemonPOS.

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