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How can you contribute to JavaCRPG?

3D_Beings - (mythic) monsters, units, animals

Audio - sounds or ambient music

Item Artwork

3D tiles - (cube based 3d tiling) for houses, economic infrastructures

If you have something to contribute, please visit the forum (see link below), register a user, and you can attach bigger files as well to your forum post or share an external link if it's more suitable for you. Don't forget to specify the license you are releasing your work under.

More information about other possibilities for contribution can be found at the forums.

Main rules

All direct contributors are listed and attributed in the Hall Of Fame of the game.

All contributions must be licensed with a free license by the author.

The license can be the following ones:

GPLv3+, GPLv2+, LGPLv3+, LGPLv2+, CC-BY-SA, CC-SA, Public Domain or special ones that grant freedom of use and availability.


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