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This is a list of projects, applications or companies which use CLucene. Please feel free to add yourself to this list:

Product Description
Osiris Serverless Portal System
Strigi desktop search engine
ht://Dig Intranet/Domain search engine
The Sword Project Bible tool
Flock Firefox based web browser
kio-clucene KDE desktop search engine
Kat KDE desktop search engine
GULP Das Portal für IT
Rootsweb.com genealogy website
im-brain intelligent knowledge management, text classification
etpanX mail application
glscube Semantic Storage System
BibleTime Bible study application for Linux / KDE
BitWeaver Open source CMS
Awasu Personal Knowledge Management tool
Adobe Help System
Nero Media browser
Cadence Document management
[1] [2] mod_mbox patch for CLucene
Feedable Feed reader
Bongo News and Calendar server
Scimore Embedded, Client/Server and Distributed SQL database
Thrudb Indexing and document storage services
Soprano C++/Qt4 framework for RDF data
Osfa Open Computer Forensics Architecture
CA Anti-Spam protection from spyware, keyloggers and hacker tools

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